20 best decompression methods for women

20 best decompression methods for women

Core tip: For women, life should not be a tight string.

For children, for families, for work . Have you done too much?

Or never have time to live well?

Taiwan’s “Health” magazine provides 20 decompression and relaxation methods for every woman who deserves care.

Choose these relaxation methods to make your physiological gains healthy and your life happy.

  1. Enjoy a SPA and essential oil massage.

Massage is the best way to release stress, while essential oil massage can care for the skin and condition the body while relaxing.

When choosing a SPA, you must pay attention to whether the environment is safe, hygienic, and clean. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in a boat, it is best to choose a convenient place.

  2. Soothe your mind and body with music.

Change the habit of eating TV while eating, and listen to music while eating. In addition, when you apply your face at home, put some music to listen to it, which has a good beauty effect. If you drive yourself, tune the channel to a music stationIt’s easier to relax than listening to traffic information.

  3. Close to nature.

Bring a proper sandwich to the park for lunch, find a quiet tree to read information or write a plan, give a name to the tree that passes by every day . You can be closer to nature everywhere in your life.

  4. Go to hotel for vacation.

Selecting the off-season, non-holiday going to the hotel can have a better relaxing effect.

In addition, there are many hotels that offer housing at a special price on Sundays, which is also a good choice.

  5. Sit back.

You will find that during meditation, your thinking will become more and more quiet, and finally your mind will be completely silent, leaving the whole person surrounded by an empty and quiet state.

This is a state of complete relaxation that can relieve your daily fatigue and stress.

  6, naked sleep.

Arrange a clean and comfortable bed, remove all the restraints from your body, and experience the relaxation of naked sleep, which will give you a restful and beautiful sleep.

  7, sports sweating.

Exercise should be done step by step. Don’t suddenly do very intense exercise. If your last fatal exercise was when you were chasing a bus, it is recommended that you don’t hinder starting from the simple and easy exercise of walking.

Take a walk for 20-30 minutes every day, the swing of the arm can be larger, and you can feel the benefits of exercise after walking a little bit, and sweating slightly.

  8. Reading is like having a love relationship.

With a book, it seems like a soul mate.

You can read on the sofa or take a book to the beach. You don’t have to deliberately chase the best-selling fashion. In order to make yourself feel pressure to leave, I suggest you read some books that have nothing to do with work, even comics, recipes or children’s picture books.
  9, regain the romance of the two.

Arranging the two alone at the right time can regain sweet happiness.

Dine with the other half in an atmospheric restaurant, have an afternoon tea, or go to the hot springs, share a double spa, find a place that is quiet or has a special meaning to both of you.

  10. Visit the market or flower shop.

Known as the mother of cancer prevention, Japanese medical doctor Zhuang Shuqi believes that the best way to prevent cancer is to “eliminate fatigue today”.

Her own decompression recipe is to go to the market.

“Sometimes I’m upset, so I go shopping, let my brain rest, and go to the market to see beautiful fruits and vegetables.

“11, watch a good movie to relax.

The cinema is a great place to escape.

The easiest way to relax is to find a more comfortable movie theater and have a good afternoon!

  12. Go to the art gallery to see the painting exhibition.

This is a place where you can spend a whole day slowly relaxing, wearing good walking shoes, walking slowly, and tired, you can have a coffee in the cafe in the museum.You can bring children together.

  13. Have a glass of healthy juice.

Go to the market to buy the fresh vegetables and fruits you need, participate in a DIY glass of vibrant juice, and drink it to ensure a happy feeling.

  14. Express your thoughts with writing.

Remember to put a notebook by your bed and write it down in your mind, even if you think of it in the middle of the night, you can write it down at any time without worrying about forgetting.

Without these concerns in mind, it is easy to fall asleep.

  15, dancing.

Dance is not for performance, but a good way for everyone to try and relax.

You can follow your expectations, step by step, and avoid overly reluctant classes, such as making yourself frustrated or having a sore leg after jumping.

  16. Date with a girlfriend.

Once a woman is married, there are often only children and her husband in the life circle. It is recommended that you have your own circle of friends. Have a meeting with “Sister Tao” from time to time to share the woman’s privacy.

  17, regain childlikeness.

Go to the zoo to see the funny appearance of the monkeys being fed, buy a toy for yourself, yell a few times in the mountains, and let the children in your heart come alive, you will be happier.

  18. Take occasional drinks.

The amount of wine has nothing to do with wine tasting. It is important to know the taste, choose a container with good texture, drink with a good-quality wine glass, and pair it with a tavern love song to make the drinking atmosphere better.

Of course, don’t overdose, just a small glass is fine.

  19. Make a day without making any arrangements.

Modern life is too prominently planned, as if as long as there is a little gap in the day, you must arrange something to do.

In fact, if you do n’t make arrangements for a day, there is no goal to achieve, no enemy to defeat, no progress, no competition . Maybe you will feel particularly fulfilled.

  20. Reorganize the priorities of life.

Finding your “to-do list” getting longer and harder to figure out what’s important.

I suggest you think about it before you do everything: “Is this what I want to do”, “Is this necessary?”

If not, maybe you shouldn’t waste your life on this matter.

Reorganize the priorities of life, so that you know clearly when to go all out, when to face easily, and take advantage of the situation.

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