If you want to be a real man, you should eat more soybeans

If you want to be a real man, you should eat more soybeans

Many women prefer legumes because experts have long believed that soy products contain certain estrogen and are beneficial to women.

But a recent article in the Washington Post states that men should also eat more soy products.

Professor Sargel of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the United States even acknowledges: “The real man starts with soy.

“The benefits of soybeans for men are mainly reflected in protecting the prostate. Professor Sergeer pointed out that studies show that drinking a cup of soy milk a day reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men by 30%; drinking two cups can reduce the risk by 70%.

He explained that this is mainly because after people eat soy and its products, the intestine will break down a substance that can inhibit the formation of hepatitis B insulin pills, which is likely to cause prostate cancer.

This substance also prevents hair loss, which is definitely a gospel for men who have a tendency to lose hair.

  In addition, according to the meat index, beans are rich in protein and contain no cholesterol. The content of saturated fatty acids that are unfavorable to the human body is very low, which is more beneficial to health.

Many men cherish their bodies very much. The rich protein in beans can supplement musculoskeletal nutrition and strengthen the effect of fitness.

  Professor Thayer said that soybeans have some common benefits for both men and women: first, it can raise blood sugar levels in the body.

In conclusion, experiments have shown that if you consume 1/3 cup (about 240 ml) of soybeans or soy products per day, you can prevent cardiovascular disease.

Third, soy can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, which is good for promoting digestion and can prevent rectal cancer.

Fourth, eating soy can also prevent osteoporosis.

  Dr. James Anderson, who studies soy foods at top universities, believes that some men have doubts about soy products, mainly because soy is rich in isoflavones, an estrogen analog.

However, a recent experiment in the United States showed that the daily consumption of soybeans will not cause men to experience retinal pill atrophy and breast growth, so there is no need to worry.

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