2015 Finals Warriors 2-0 in the weird funeral game, unfortunately Curry was actually worn by his teammates_1

The 2015 Finals Warriors 2-0 game strange funeral, unfortunately Curry was actually worn by his teammates
In the second game of the finals, the Golden State Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 93-95 in an overtime game at home and the score was tied 1-1.The Warriors once had a chance to win in the final stage of overtime, but in the end they regretted losing.Curry was a bit sad this time. At home, after an overtime game, he only lost 2 points in the end. I can imagine how sorry the Warriors have in mind.Moreover, the Warriors did have a great chance to win the game, but they let the opportunity slip away from their hands.  What are the opportunities for the Warriors?Until the last 30 seconds of overtime, they were still at an advantage-Curry held the ball outside the three-point line on the left, J.R.-Smith was actually flying away!Curry directly pulled and jumped, causing Smith to commit a foul-if there is a little comfort in this foul, it is that Curry took a small step before taking the jump and stepped into the three-point line, this timeThe free throw was not 3 times, but 2 times.  This season’s free throw percentage is 91.After 4% of Curry made all 2 free throws, the Warriors overcame 1 point 93-92.The result of this foul was not only the Warriors’ overtaking score, but also Smith’s 6-off graduation and had to end.Prior to this, Smith had 5 of 13 shots, 2 of 5 three-pointers, and scored 13 points, the Cavaliers’ third highest score in the game.  The Cavaliers had to call a timeout to rearrange tactics.After the timeout, the Cavaliers attacked and the ball was given to James without any suspense.Emperor Zhan started and scored directly inside, but just as James was about to stage a layup, Drummond Green actually jumped backwards, and in the air, James capped him one-on-one!The cover was very clean this time, and the referee didn’t even want to whistle.  However, Green’s ball did not control the direction in which the ball flew out after being blocked.Seeing that the ball was about to fly out of the bottom line, Iguodala saved the ball decisively, but because of the imminent out of bounds, Iguodala’s movements also appeared distorted, and he could only use a sea fishing lure to return the ball to the court.But when the ball flew into the field, because the ball was too fast and it was hitting the earth, Curry’s attention was not particularly focused, and the result was that the ball wore Curry’s crotch.    Curry did not hold the ball, which caused the ballOut of bounds, Cavaliers frontcourt.James once again fought to control the ball. He again scored inside. The Warriors did not let Green one-on-one against Zhanhuang, but carried on a double-team-but James did not choose to force the shot, but chose to score the ball to the rightJames Jones from the bottom corner.But Jones didn’t make a 3-pointer and the ball bounced high on the rebound.  At this time, the Warriors stood Iguodala, Green, Clay Thompson under the basket.Curry has been saved to defend James Jones, Green has Tristan Thompson stuck behind, while Clay and Iguodala are in an unmanned state, Harrison Barnes is also coming back from the high car to prepareRebound.But at this time, the Australian Della Vidova walked out from behind Tristan Thompson, rushed to the rebound successfully, and caused Barnes to foul.  Afterwards, De La Vidova withstood the pressure and made 2 free throws. The score became 94-93, and the Cavaliers passed 1 point.Even so, the Warriors still have a chance.After the Warriors served, Curry singled De La Vidova. After two probing steps, Curry withdrew a jumper near the bottom line on the left, but De La Vidova stuck to the position, Curry did not shootIn the middle and late, Delavidovar spit out his braces and threw a punch to celebrate his most critical defense in the game.Curry pouted and turned his head back to his half.  The situation is clear at this time.Then James grabbed a rebound, Harris Barnes made a tactical foul, James made 1 free throw, but a crucial pass, Curry tried to hit the ground straight to Thompson, but the problem was that the two were too closeAnd, between them, there are two players, Champer and Tristan Thompson. How could this soft and weak ground pass pass?Chambord cut off the ball with a palm, ending the Warriors’ last chance to attack.The knight won.(Grunt)

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