13 types of tea and coffee taboos

13 types of tea and coffee taboos

People in special periods should reduce the addition of tea and coffee: 1.

Physiological period: For women, menstrual blood will consume a large amount of iron in the body during the physiological period every month. If you are used to drinking strong tea, the sulfuric acid in tea will hinder iron absorption and greatly reduce the degree of low iron absorption, Prone to anemia.


Pregnancy: Generally, the concentration of caffeine in strong tea is as high as 10%, which will increase the urine output of pregnant women, increase the number of heartbeats, increase the load on pregnant women’s heart and kidneys, and may cause pregnancy poisoning.

Therefore, it is better to drink less tea.


Lactation: After drinking tea, the caffeine in tea can penetrate into the milk and affect the baby indirectly, which is not good for the baby’s health.


Menopause: In addition to menopause, in addition to dizziness and weakness, sometimes there will be symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, bad temper, and poor sleep quality. If you drink too much strong tea, these symptoms will be aggravated.


Children: “Because the concentration of tea is too high, the content of tea polyphenols is too high, and it is easy to interact with iron in food, which is not conducive to the absorption of iron, and is likely to cause iron deficiency anemia in children.

Children can drink some light tea in moderation, 1/3 of the tea concentration for adults.

  Some patients are best kept aloof1.

Patients with atherosclerosis: Tea and coffee contain bioactive substances such as theophylline, caffeine, and theobromine.

These substances have a significant excitatory effect on the central nervous system. This excitatory process causes the central nervous system of the cerebral vascular movement to cause cerebral vasoconstriction.

This is a potential threat to patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis.


Insomnia patients: due to some reasons, insomnia, it is not suitable to drink tea and coffee before going to bed, because the caffeine and aromatic substances in it have an exciting effect.


Hypertensive patients and hypertensive people: Although tea and coffee can reduce headache symptoms in hypertensive patients, they can cause blood pressure to increase.

Heart rate is expected to increase when overdose, which is not good for patients with hypertension and heart disease.


Gout patients: Because the implanted acid in tea water may aggravate the patient’s condition, it is not suitable to drink strong tea.


People who need to rest after the illness, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis: Caffeine can excite people and cause basal metabolism to increase, so that those who need quietness and hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis patients cannot get good rest and treatment.


Patients with active gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer: can stimulate the secretion of a large amount of gastric acid, affect the healing of the ulcer surface, aggravate the condition, and produce symptoms such as pain.

Therefore, people with a tendency to ulcer should drink less tea and coffee.


Patients with habitual constipation: It is not advisable to drink more strong tea, because the acid implanted in tea can reconstitute bowel movements and make constipation worse.


Fever patients: Theophylline in tea will increase the temperature of the human body and exacerbate fever. Due to the diuretic effect of theophylline, the effect of antipyretic and cooling drugs may be reduced.

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