Health begins with “heart” Four ways to protect “source” power

Health begins with 鈥渉eart鈥?Four ways to protect 鈥渟ource鈥?power

The urban elite of the 30s and 40s, due to the pressure of long-term work and the overdraft of physical strength, began to realize the importance of health.
They are also gradually raising heart disease, coronary heart disease and other diseases that endanger the health of the heart.
Experts suggest that the status of the heart has always been important, so health care can start from the “heart”.
The fundamental principle of maintaining the heart of the first law is to maintain the heart’s yang, which is the driving force of the heart.
Wu Huanlin believes that it can replenish the lungs.
Life lies in exercise, and exercise plays a first role in the health of the heart.
The purpose of aerobic exercise is to enhance cardiopulmonary function and increase cardiopulmonary endurance.
During aerobic exercise, blood can supply enough oxygen to the heart muscle. Oxygen can fully decompose sugar in the body, enhance and improve heart and lung function, prevent osteoporosis, and regulate mental and mental state.
Method: (1) Walk quickly for about 3 kilometers per day for more than 30 minutes.
Exercise about 5 times a week.
This insistence on exercise can improve myocardial contractility, eliminate coronary atherosclerosis, control blood pressure, regulate blood lipids, and regulate blood sugar.
(2) The focus of Tai Chi Chuan Taijiquan is 鈥渂reathing adjustment, body relaxation鈥?
Playing a round of Tai Chi every day is a great benefit to the cardiovascular system.
Tai Chi makes the high-function movement of the muscles of the big and small legs, so that the human body has added many small pumps to help the heart work, which reduces the burden on the heart.
Because Taijiquan attaches importance to the training of the human body, it is conducive to the lowering of blood and blood, adjusting the body’s aging state, and can prevent high blood pressure and anti-aging functions.
The second major law of nourishing the heart maintains the blood channel to keep the blood flowing smoothly. The culprit of coronary heart disease is arteriosclerosis. When blood vessel plaques are formed, high blood pressure and high blood fat cause thrombus detachment, which can induce acute myocardial infarction.
Therefore, experts believe that it is very important to keep the blood flowing smoothly for “nurturing the heart.”
Method: (1) Pressing the Taichong step-down method First, find the correct position of the Taichong point, which is between the first and second toes; secondly, press or rub the acupuncture point with a thumb to have a painful feelingSuitable, 3-5 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.
Chinese medicine believes that for sudden and sharp rise in blood pressure, the method of pressing or acupuncture on both sides of the rushing point can often receive a better antihypertensive effect in a short time.
(2) “eat” the blood pressure to the celery, into the liver, cold, low salt, high potassium.
“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “celery” can treat Ganyang dizziness, face red red and so on.
Therefore, celery has certain benefits for hypertensive patients with liver yang.
In addition, like black sesame seeds, black beans, mulberry and other foods, often eat liver and kidney, benefit the essence of blood.
Especially for patients with kidney deficiency type hypertension.
(3) Let the blood vessels “do gymnastics” It is said that the traditional Chinese medicine master Deng Tietao has the habit of alternating bathing with hot and cold water. This method can strengthen the vasomotor movement, accelerate blood circulation, increase blood vessel elasticity, and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions.
There are certain benefits to preventing vascular sclerosis and keeping the blood vessels open.
Specific methods: first wash with warm water, then rinse with a little cold water.
When bathing, the choice of water temperature should be appropriate.
Warm water should not be too hot, the human body feels warm and comfortable, generally 38 掳C-43 掳C is appropriate; when cold water rinse, the water temperature should not be too low, the human body feels slightly cool, generally about 25 掳C.
The third law of health care begins with morality, and those interpersonal relationships are well handled. They are willing to do good things anytime and anywhere, willing to sacrifice their own interests, willing to help others, and quarreling over those who are small for profit.People who are stubborn, unsociable, and careless, have a low mortality rate of 2.
5 times.
Wu Huanlin said that good psychology and spirit can promote the secretion of more beneficial hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine in the body. These substances can regulate blood flow, nerve cell excitability to the best state, and maintain good function of heart and blood vessels.
Method: (1) Treat others with kindness and help others: “Life is alive, it is hard to be confused”!
(2) Ethical Yangxin Bazhen Tang: A loving heart, a good two-inch intestines, three-pointed, three forgiveness, filial piety, honesty, dedication, and return.
The fourth law of health care cultivates interest in the mind. We often hear the patient say: “Doctor, I had a fight with my family that day, and my mood was very bad. As a result, angina pectoris occurred.
The chaos is bloody, the gods are bloody, so controlling emotions and maintaining a peace of mind are also important for raising the heart.
Methods: (1) sit still and sit on the side of the body, chest and abdomen, the lower jaw adduct, put the right hand in the front of the left chest, close the eyes, so that the spirit enters a quiet state.
Slowly adjust the breathing, so that the breathing speed is slow and deep, the right hand gently rubs the heart clockwise, one breath and one breath, one breath, one massage, 36 laps.This method can stabilize the mood, run the blood, and nurse the mind.

(2) Cultivating good hobbies Generally speaking, we believe that we should have some hobbies and hobbies. Here are a few simple references: words are the heart, and books are the heart.

Calligraphy embodies the unity of form and spirit fostered by Chinese medicine.

In addition, poetry, music, dance, drama, musical instruments, chess, flowering, etc., are all very healthy, can calm down the impetuous mood, and are very helpful to the heart.

(3) Consistent words and deeds make the human body always in a harmonious state.

Being a person who is consistent with words and deeds can reduce the occurrence of contradictory psychology, reduce contradictory self-responsibility preparation and self-interrogation, help reduce the occurrence of negative emotions, and reduce the influence of excessive and excessive thinking on the mind of the Lord.

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