NBL group heroes rushed to the beach, CBA showed supernatural powers, 7 teams changed the home for admittance _1

NBL group heroes rushed to the beach, CBA showed supernatural powers, and 7 teams were replaced for admission
Three years ago, Huang Jianhua joined NBL and was committed to making NBL into a high-level basketball league parallel to CBA. After three years of hard work, NBL, who persisted in the cold, finally ushered in his own spring.But contrary to Huang Jianhua’s original intention, it was precisely because the CBA reopened its military expansion door that the difficult NBL regained its vitality.  According to the Basketball Association’s plan, only one team can stand out from this season’s NBL and become the lucky winner of the CBA.For this precious quota, a large number of NBL teams have increased, moved home, improved youth training, and hoped to pave the way for a CBA with money.  7 teams change home based on the 2012-13 season CBA access implementation plan and its specific specifications, for each prefecture level (inclusive) and above, only one CBA club is allowed to become a city as home (Note: Hangzhou and DongguanThe city does not exceed the number of existing teams).According to this rule, the first thing that too many NBL teams do is move.  Since Nanjing already has the Jiangsu team, the Jiangsu Tongxi team must move home to Hefei, Anhui; considering that Guangdong already has 3 CBA teams, the Guangzhou free men who regrouped after the dissolution moved the team to Chongqing; and in allAmong the teams, the Changsha Berning team is the most predictable. They left Dongguan as early as last year; Hong Kong Xinlibao moved to Weinan, Shaanxi, and was renamed the Shaanxi Xinda team; plus three teams that migrated within the province,A total of 7 teams have changed home.  In the first 10 years of the CBA, the admission system statement did not exist. At that time, the system of promotion and demotion was implemented. Each year after the league, it was directly relegated to the League A and the former replacement of the League B was awarded the promotion to the CBA.qualifications.However, in order to stabilize the development of the league, the Basketball Association has increasingly improved the indicators other than the results, so the admission system has been implemented since 2004.  In 2010 and 2011, Jiangsu Tongxi successively won the NBL championship. From a performance perspective, Jiangsu Tongxi is the most undisputed NBL overlord, but considering the relevant regulations of the access system, Jiangsu Tongxi must leave the country., Bid farewell to the place where they once created brilliant glory.  In this way, Chen Guangchuan, the boss of Jiangsu Tongxi, said: Our Tongxi Group is based in Nanjing. If the time is right in the future, we will definitely return.Even now we are gone, but our hearts are still in Nanjing.  In the past eight years, Sun Qikai, the owner of the Changsha Berning team who had been rushing into the CBA, realized that there was preparation. As early as 2007, the Berning team, which was also based in Dongguan, and Hunan UniversityThe cooperation for the cultivation of reserve talents started, and the professional sports in Hunan Province were almost blank. Therefore, when Sun Qikai heard the wind of the relevant regulations of the admission system, the Dongguan Baining team transformed into a bank of Hunan Changsha, just following the trend.  Compared with Jiangsu Tongxi and Changsha Berning, the Guangzhou free people moved to Chongqing, which means that there is nowhere else to live.In September last year, as the runner-up in the NBL League, Guangzhou Freeman suddenly announced its dissolution, which caused many people including players to be caught by surprise, but just two months later, Guangzhou Freeman was reborn in Chongqing.  The Guangzhou Freeman was renamed Chongqing Aolong after moving to Chongqing, but in order to retain past results, the team’s registered name in the Basketball Association is still Guangzhou Freeman.According to the team manager Lu Jinqing, after the team investors withdrew their capital, the team announced the dissolution of the players at that time, but the club had always existed and did not dissolve.Therefore, while retaining the original players, the Guangzhou free agent has become a hot spot for promotion to the CBA because of the relocation of the home court.

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