The joyful moment between husband and wife is good morning or good evening, the answer may be unexpected.


The “joyful moment” between husband and wife is good morning or good evening, the answer may be unexpected.

Couples are sweet and happy together, and they must be inseparable from their husband and wife life.

Appropriate husband and wife life can promote good relationships between husband and wife, make families more harmonious, and help men’s reproductive health. It also has a certain preventive effect on women’s gynecological diseases, so both husband and wife are healthy.It is very beneficial.

In normal life, both husband and wife will choose to have a husband and wife life in the evening because of daytime work. Of course, when they are at rest, many couples will choose too many daytimes to open the “happy hours” between husband and wife.

However, whether it is daytime or evening, what time period is the best for both husband and wife to live together?

Let’s take a look at the analysis below, and the answer may surprise you.

The “joyful moment” between husband and wife is good morning or good evening. The answer may be unexpected. 1. Let’s first take a look at the evening action. Many couples will have a husband and wife life in the evening. First, because the night is relatively hidden, the guaranteed husband and wife life.The privacy between the two, and the darkness of the darkness in the evening increases the mystery between the couples, so that both husband and wife feel a sense of freshness, and through the busy day, come back home at night to get a comfortableThe hot bath of the clothes relieves the fatigue caused by the work during the day, and then carries out intimate behavior, which helps the couple to have better sleep quality, so if you do it at night, you can improve the quality of sleep, but remember not to rememberToo late, no longer delaying the work of the next day of error, will have a health effect because the various organs of the body do not get extra rest.

2, take a look at the morning and morning, male friends generally have the phenomenon of morning breezes, which makes it more convenient for the “sexual blessing” activities carried out between husband and wife.

Moreover, the activity is more conducive to the adjustment of renal function in male friends, because in the morning, the body’s sexual hormone secretion is strong, and this time is a higher state. At this time, the husband and wife life is easy to stimulate hormone secretion in the body.The husband and wife will also have a better state to enter, when the hormones in the two people can be improved, and women can obviously feel better and more satisfied with the couple’s life experience.

In short, whether in the morning or at night, only the proper way and the right amount of frequency will be good for your health.

Of course, both sides have a happy mood, and the twisted melon is not sweet.

If both husband and wife want better sleep quality, and better physical strength and status the next day, you may wish to try the night before bedtime activities.

If you want a better life experience for couples, if you don’t have anything else to do, choose to live in the morning in the couple’s life. I believe that you can better understand the joy and high level brought to the couple in the “row”.

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