How to tell if a man loves you 8 things to watch out for

How to tell if a man loves you 8 things to watch out for

When in love, how do you know if the person really loves you?

Today, I will take stock of the 8 performances that men love you, let’s take a look at it together.

  How to tell if a man loves you 1.

When he pays attention to your every move and talks to you, he will focus on your eyes and lips.

When eating out together, he would not look carefully at the beautiful girls who came in and out.

Sometimes, his eyes looked into the distance, and that was just sorting out his thoughts.


He doesn’t mention the romance of the past. Even if you force him to confess, he just downplayed some words that sounded very ironic. In this way, “I can’t get along with that person at all, and I’m always dead with her” or something.

If he is telling you a rather regretful and sad love story, then you have to pay attention.


He thinks you confess that he will ask you to be his wife directly or pretending to be joking.

If you’ve dated more than 10 times and he still hasn’t said anything, then you don’t have to treat him as your only husband.


Concerned about your developments, he will often ask about your developments, for example, what did you do last Sunday, are there any activities this weekend, and so on.

He puts his feelings on you, he only cares about your movements so much, and hopes that you invite him to participate in your activities.


Will remember your preferences? Does he keep in mind what you say or reveal at random, and often mention it in order to satisfy your preferences?

He likes you and will know everything you say and adapt to your preferences.


Call you for no reason. When you’re still at work or at any time, he called and said that he didn’t have anything special, just wanted to say a few words to you.

If he was in the office at this time, you might hear the ringing of other phones on his end, but he would not listen.


He couldn’t help telling him everything he would tell you about a lot of friends and family, the purpose is to let you participate in his past and future, but also to close the distance between you.


Be extremely friendly to your friends. If you ask him to help one of your friends, he will overlap extra effort.

The reason is simple, he wants to make you happy and let your friends praise him.

  Several inner activities of men when they are in love hope you take the initiative. Many people think that women should hold back when they are in love. If they take the initiative, they will lose face.

However, men in love want you to be more active.

In the process of intercourse between men and women, no party always takes the initiative, because this will make him feel a unilateral effort, and you will not know whether the result of the initiative is good or bad.

But we can be sure that after the big wheel of the relationship between the two sides starts, any man will be full of tenderness like a woman.

Occasionally they will no longer be motivated, not timid, nor afraid to be rejected. Behind him wants you to take the initiative, it is he who wants your response!

  Fear of getting married is not known since when men will separate love from marriage.

In their opinion, being in love does not necessarily mean marrying the other person.

Men will only consider getting married when the time is right, and if they are not ready to get married, the men will encourage them not to, especially for girlfriends who indirectly get married.It will feel very broken.

So dear, please give him more time and space. Love is a process of understanding each other. True love can’t be achieved by urging a marriage. You must wait patiently.

  Getting lazy and noble is to see you busy for him. Before you have a relationship, men will take care of themselves and will even take care of you.

But since he got you, he has messed things up right and right, and spoils everything at every turn, saying that it ‘s uncomfortable. Even a little cold runny nose should be described as the end of the world . it’s enough.

Not because the man has changed, but because he likes to look at you to pack things for him, and at the same time to slap his own puppets, and also to see the way you worry about him and the look of worry.
To men, this is a kind of happiness.
  Silence when quarreling ≠ repentance Men are a kind of miraculous creatures. They don’t like quarreling. When faced with the sudden bombardment of women, they can fight or fight back or scold.

But from a woman’s point of view, this kind of ignoring attitude is the performance of not thinking about repentance, which will make women become more annoyed, but more and more noisy.

In fact, men are angry at this time. He doesn’t quarrel with you, not because he doesn’t care about you, or because he doesn’t think you can’t make trouble, but calms down while accommodating you.

Men’s delicateness is always impassioned. In fact, their thoughts are very simple, but they are always ashamed to express to the people they like. This kind of silent love, have you got it?

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