Fly, I want to fly with all the people

Fly, I want to “fly” with all the people
I haven’t returned home for 3 years, and Peng Yunfei finally had the opportunity to reunite with his family this Spring Festival.Official photo of the Winter Crown Cup In the final of the Kings Glory Winter Champions Cup last Saturday, the QGhappy team won the fifth championship trophy.QGhappy team general Peng Yunfei (ID: Fly) burst into tears after winning the FMVP, “This is what I want, so I have to get it after my hard work.”Peng Yunfei has been looking forward to this championship for 511 days. He finally realized the sentence in the KPL (King of Glory Professional League) Autumn Decision Promo.Peng Yunfei ID: Fly Occupation: KPL Player Team: QGhappy Position: Side Age: 19 years old Main results 2017 KPL Spring Championship Champions Cup Champion KPL Autumn Championship Champion 2018 Champions Cup Champion Champion Cup FMVP 2019 Winter Champions Cup Champion Winter Champions Cup FMVP  Growing up to Cat, he carried the team forward to fight. Peng Yunfei won four championships and three championships in 2017, which put the QGhappy team on the altar of the professional league.In 2018, Peng Yunfei comforted himself with a Champions League trophy, “Fortunately.In 2019, Peng Yunfei and QGhappy surrounded the downturn together.”This is a year of failure in my life, and I never thought that 2019 would be such a tragic loss.”Looking back at the past year, Peng Yunfei concluded.  After constantly defeating the champion, Peng Yunfei began to doubt himself and even thought about giving up.Especially on December 14 last year, after passing the championship on the stage of the autumn finals, Peng Yunfei began to review the performance of the year.Despite playing in the professional league for more than three years, when he was still childish, “How come I am happy, there are places where I have not tried my best.”Peng Yunfei regretted his indulgence.  The Winter Crown Cup is the last game of the 2019 season and Peng Yunfei’s last hope.After losing the championship in the autumn game, the team’s 5 players were in a sluggish state and the training game lost consecutively.In order to change the state, each of the five members of the team slapped themselves.Five people changed their training IDs one after another, Peng Yunfei replaced “Communication must have feedback”, the other few people changed to “engage a little attitude”, “strive hard”, “fight hard to do nothing” . 5 people made up their minds to impact the finalChampion.  In the Winter Championship finals, veteran Peng Yunfei was also nervous.Although he was looking forward to the championship, he could n’t imagine how he would lose after losing the game.After I finished the game, the most I wanted to do was to spit it out.”After defeating the eStarPro team, Peng Yunfei breathed a sigh of relief.His body slackened, and tears kept flowing out.  Although he has won many championships, this win has new significance for Peng Yunfei.The Air Force team won the championship, and former teammate Chen Zhengzheng (ID: Cat) carried the heaviest burden. “It was all he who carried the team forward. Before I thought I couldn’t be that kind of person.”After receiving the FMVP at the Winter Crown Cup, Peng Yunfei gained confidence,” and now I feel that as long as I work hard, I can do anything.”In the past year, Peng Yunfei was not satisfied with the ups and downs of his state, but there were also overlaps of gratification.” I have a breakthrough in the whole person. I used to think about playing well. It is not the same now. I want to take all the people forward., Not me alone.”After taking the responsibility of the team leader, Peng Yunfei is still cautious about his vision of the future.” I dare not think about the future at all, but I will remember the memories of the failure in 2019. I calculated and calculated in my mind every day to give myself an incentive and progress.Better grades.”Pay mental adjustment to focus on training efficiency. As a veteran player in the professional league, Peng Yunfei was a god-level wing in the minds of many people.But in the past two years, QGhappy’s record has been declining, and the comments on the Internet are not friendly to him.Questions such as “Sanliu Sidewalk”, “Can’t use players”, “Fishing” and so on put a lot of pressure on Peng Yunfei.  Peng Yunfei would also be very angry when he first saw this kind of comment. “Obviously, I don’t understand tactics. Why should I say that?”Now that he is out of the shadow of self-doubt, he turns those questioned words into motivation for struggle.” Now that he sees this, he wants to prove it to them and make them think we can.”In the impression of the sauna and Yewang, Peng Yunfei didn’t say much, it was more a shy smile.But in this interview, he laughed heartily and spoke much more than before.Peng Yunfei laughed and said that this was the credit of the psychology teacher. “The teacher instructed me. If the pressure is high, you can say it and do it. Don’t hold it alone and release it.”These words came to Peng Yunfei’s heart. Because of the pressure accumulated in his heart, he had been very tangled and uncomfortable.””The Air Force is hard at work with poor grades, even if it is in a bad state, it is not to say that it is a fear of delaying training and wasting time.”Now, Peng Yunfei will actively communicate with his teammates and coaches if he has any problems. He will speak out if there is a problem. Let’s take a break and talk to adjust the status.”Now pay more attention to the efficiency of training and reduce invalid training.”Peng Yunfei said.  Comparing Peng Yunfei’s previous photos, the reporter found that he lost a lot of weight in the past year.After becoming a professional player, Peng Yunfei once gained more than 180 pounds because of long-term inactivity and love to eat.Today, he is only 130 pounds thin.However, Peng Yunfei was not satisfied with his weight. He exposed the iconic shy smile and told reporters that his goal was to return to his weight when he was just playing a career: 110 pounds.  ”I set myself a goal, and one day is thinner than the other.”Peng Yunfei said that he would get on the scale every day after getting up to see if there was any change in weight.”In addition to strict diet control, weight loss requires more exercise.Today, Peng Yunfei insists on doing more than 30 minutes of exercise every day. He very professionally recommends sports equipment to the sauna and Yewang. “Accelerating running, but it will hurt fractures.”Now I think mountaineering machine is a good choice for weight loss.The heart rate can be controlled at around 160, the use of faster heartbeat, sweating more, so as to achieve weight loss.”Re-slimming down also makes Peng Yunfei more confident and cheerful,” this process is relatively accumulated, and I am very happy to be able to do what others do not think.”Xin Yin hasn’t been home for 3 years and would like to hear from family members that Peng Yunfei has been a professional player for more than 3 years.”Because of this job, he has not returned to his hometown of Wanzhou, Chongqing for the New Year for three years.From January 19th, Peng Yunfei has two weeks of vacation, he plans to return to his hometown.”My grandma loved me more when I was young, and she died when I was 13.After returning home, I especially want to go back to worship.”Regarding grandma, Peng Yunfei’s tears twirled in his eyes.Now that he has time to go home, he is very happy, “I’ve been thinking about home for a long time.”When I was a professional player at first, everyone around me felt that Peng Yunfei was not doing business properly and wasting his youth.””Now, family members know that Peng Yunfei is the champion.”I am looking forward to seeing how they will judge me when I go home.”When I said this, Peng Yunfei’s eyes were full of light.  Before, some children who didn’t know the neighboring village came to come and took a photo with Peng Yunfei. He was very happy, but he looked forward to the approval of the family.In all fairness, the job of professional e-sports players is not easy, but Peng Yunfei never told his family about the hard work.He left home at a very young age. He always “disguised” himself as having a very good life, and he didn’t want to worry everyone, even his father who worked in Shanghai wouldn’t say that.When he came home this time, he wanted to talk to his family about the ups and downs of this job.  Professional players have very limited vacations each year. Peng Yunfei ‘s biggest wish this year is to travel.After becoming a professional player, he has never traveled.”The pressure on playing professionalism is quite heavy. I especially want to relax and make myself happy without thinking about the game.”Peng Yunfei quietly told reporters that he was recently applying to travel with the club to travel with his teammates.” We need this kind of team building, and team action can improve the team’s cohesion.”Peng Yunfei’s jungle showed a proud smile.  Sauna, night net Liu Shujun reported from Guangzhou

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